MAAS network hardware

With this piece of video I wanted to show how the network hardware was set up. This is a really simple diagram that shows the config. Its really simple, no routers involved.

I wanted to put some screen shots up of my network configs from the gui.

This is the network tab for eth0

This is the network tab for eth1

This the setting screen, the network portion.

View from the clusters tab, eth0 configuration 

View from the clusters tab, eth1 configuration 

Make sure you have your network tab setting set right. You need to have all your nic cards accounted for. On the node with the 2 nic on going to the public internet, make sure the nic is placed in the un-managed network MAAS-ETH0.

And for your other node that has 2 nic but both are going to the private network, make sure they are all accounted for in the MAAS-ETH1 network.