Openstack 2.0 try 1

On this page we try openstack 2.0 and juju 2.0, not working yet, but still working on it.

Video for this page

Openstack install still works, no need to put JUJU on anymore:
sudo apt install openstack

No need to create a .juju directory and environment.yaml file. Everything you need for JUJU is now in ~/.local

If you get the credentials got nothing error remove the credentials file to clean up: found here

sudo rm -R ~/.local/share/juju/credentials.yaml

To fix the maas2 error for now as it is not support issue: found here


If you get the invalid distro error, change this file to reflect the new distro: Found here

Text Box

chris@maas:~$ cat /usr/share/openstack/config.json
    "name": "openstack",
    "version": "1.0.6",
    "summary": "Juju solutions for OpenStack",
    "excerpt": "Juju makes it easy to deploy OpenStack at scale. Quickly and reliably build an enterprise-scale cloud run on Ubuntu - the most popular operating system for OpenStack.",
    "maintainer": "Ubuntu Developers <>",
    "bundles": [{
        "key": "openstack-base",
        "name": "OpenStack",
        "summary": "This bundle deploys a basic OpenStack Cloud (Mitaka release) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, providing Dashboard, Compute, Network, Block Storage, Object Storage, Identity and Image services.",
        "recommendedCharms": ["glance-simplestreams-sync"],
        "bundleSeries": "xenial",
        "whitelist": ["maas", "lxd", "localhost"],
        "location": "~openstack-charmers-next/openstack-base-xenial-mitaka"
        "key": "openstack-lxd",
        "name": "OpenStack with Nova-LXD",
        "whitelist": ["maas", "lxd", "localhost"],
        "bootstrapSeries": "xenial",
        "summary": "This bundle deploys an OpenStack Cloud (Mitaka release), configured to use LXD (the lightweight container hypervisor), on Ubuntu 16.04, providing Dashboard, Compute, Network, Object Storage, Identity and Image services.",
        "location": "/usr/share/openstack/bundles/openstack-lxd/bundle.yaml",
        "recommendedCharms": ["glance-simplestreams-sync"]
    }, {
        "key": "landscape-dense-maas",
        "name": "OpenStack Autopilot",
        "summary": "The Canonical Distribution - Enterprise OpenStack Install and Management.",
        "location": "~landscape/landscape-dense-maas",
        "whitelist": ["maas"],
        "bootstrapSeries": "xenial"

openstack-install no longer works use conjure-up, do not use sudo:  found here :
conjure-up openstack

Use the private MAAS interface as your maas-server in the GUI and your API key in the maas-oauth.

If you need to reset the whole install and the follow commands don't work:

juju list-controller
juju list-models
juju destroy-model <model-name>
juju destroy-controller <controller-name>
juju kill-controller <controller-name>

All else fails delete the whole local directory and everything will reset:
sudo rm -R ~/.local

Since we no longer have wake-on-lan, make sure you hit the power button on the node that MAAS deploys in a timely manner or you will get a node time out.

Final error that I hit:

Displaying image.png

Displaying image.png