Windows image

In this video we make an image for windows and upload to openstack so we can make windows instaces on our cloud.

Link to youtube video:

Link to Openstack docs:

Link to trial versions of windows server:

Link to virtualbox:

Grab putty PSCP:

From a DOS window SCP using PSCP to the maas server:

pscp.exe "C:\Users\chris\VirtualBox VMs\Windows\Windows.qcow" chris@

Convert from a raw to qcow2 on the maas server:

qemu-img convert -f qcow -O qcow2 "Windows.qcow" Windows.qcow2

Download the file back to the Windows box:

C:\Users\chris\Downloads>pscp.exe "chris@" "C:\Users\chris\VirtualBox VMs\Windows\Windows.qcow2"