OpenStack Ubuntu 14 Installation

Access the console for an Instance

In this video we are going to setup the novnc console to use on our instances.

Good openstack answers doc.

From the internal JUJU prompt login to the cloud controller:

$ juju ssh nova-cloud-controller/0

On the machine that houses the cloud controller install these two packages:

$ sudo apt install nova-novncproxy
$ sudo apt install nova-consoleauth

Add this to the nova.conf for the compute nodes via JUJU, using your cloud-controller IP in the URL and the IP on the nova-compure/o node in the proxyclient:


Add this to the cloud-controller nova.conf file via JUJU, using the cloud controller IP:


Make sure the nova.conf got updated correctly, from the internal juju prompt.

$ juju ssh nova-compute/0 sudo cat /etc/nova/nova.conf

Restart the nova compute services just to be safe, from the internal JUJU prompt:

$ juju ssh nova-compute/0 sudo service nova-compute restart
$ juju ssh nova-compute/1 sudo service nova-compute restart
$ juju ssh nova-compute/2 sudo service nova-compute restart
$ juju ssh nova-compute/3 sudo service nova-compute restart