Welcome To OpenStack In The Basement

Download and create your install media

Ubuntu server install

Ubuntu server MAAS install

MAAS install network and etherwake

MAAS network hardware

MAAS node config

MAAS commission nodes

MAAS Decomm nodes/Juju openstack install

Config Openstack

Create instance and create putty key pair

DNS server install

Juju gui access internal and external

Ubuntu Openstack VM instance network error

Ubuntu openstack instance create user and allow login

Landscape Openstack JUJU won’t bootstrap

Add a compute node to the cloud

16 instances 64 vCPUs

Remove a node from the cloud

Access the console for an Instance

Update your cloud

Maintenance Pre Upgrade

Openstack 2.0 try 1

Openstack quick install

Install Motion

New cloud deploy

HA testing


Cloud Stack install

Install conjure-up 2.0


Glance image

Windows image

Get LXC information command line

Power consumption