OpenStack Ubuntu 14 Installation

Ubuntu server install

Here is where we do the standard install of Ubuntu server. This server will be used for MAAS (Metal as a service). The hardware we are using for the MAAS server is a Frankenstein box, its a MSI motherboard with a G31 chip set. Its a Intel quad core 2.6ghz CPU with 4GB of DDR2 ram. It has 2 hard drives 1 ssd 120gb and 1 160gb spinner. It also has 2 Ethernet cards to create a “bridge” to allow us access to both public and private networks. We installed open ssh so we can get to this box via our ssh client. After you login, enter ifconfig -a to show all the Ethernet interfaces. Get the IP of the eht0 IP address, in this case You can use this in your ssh client in the next segment.